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Toshiba YOUME 2.0 System 3 (R32)

The new Toshiba YouMe is the first 5-ticks low (GWP) inverter Multi-Split in Singapore. Toshiba YouMe harnesses the combination of smart engineering, digital control technology and advanced quality of life with less energy consumption.

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Inspired by the Japanese “youme”, the Toshiba YouMe IMS is perfectly outfitted to complement modern flats. With susbtaintable technology to reduce the impact on global warming and deliver the lowest energy consumtion for a 5-tick IMS, the sleek design of the new YouMe seamlessly intergrates into your home and helps create the comfort you need to dream big.


Planet-Friendly Refrigerant

Non-ozone depleting refrigerants such as R410A changed the course of the planet’s health when they were embraced two decades ago. Today we are faced with a new challenge-global warming. And Toshiba is helping Singapore lead the change on sustainability with proven low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerant, R32.


R32 has approximately one-third of the GWP as R410A and has similar working pressure, so the fundamental design of Toshiba system remain unchanged. In addition, the YouMe IMS with R32 demostrates betteer heat exchange properties than R410A and required about 30% less refrigerant. So not only is YouMe more energy efficient, but up to 72% fewer CO2 emmissions* are released versus a comparable R410A system.

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Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 80 × 30 × 63 cm


NEA Energy Star

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Clearing the air for generation to come As human activities accelerate climate change, scientists foresee limits to how much damage the ecology can take. Sustainable solutions require stronger commitment to global priorities. How far and fast are people willing to have less environment impact? Toshiba aircon is making a positive difference to the ecology in a big way. We lead initiatives with innovators in academia, industry and government to think bigger, act bolder and move faster towards more environmentally sustainable solutions. COOLSERVE Air-Condition Engineering is pround to be authorised dealer of TOSHIBA aircon since 2005 [caption id="attachment_3355" align="alignnone" width="300"]Toshiba aircon Dealer Toshiba Aircon Dealer[/caption]
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