Daikin, not only is the leader of advance energy-saving technologies for air conditioning but also highly focus on the product design that will cater to the changing lifestyle of consumers. Then the perfect combination of the best technologies and the best design becomes ENVi Series.


Daikin ENVi series has developed from the concept of Design is everything, this is why Daikin ENVi series is outstanding from other air conditioners no matter when it turn on or off, with the working sound level as quite as a whisper on 19dB.


When combined with energy saving technology inverter, and newly adopted R32 refrigerant which can reduce the global warming better, it makes the Daikin ENVi Series innovative solutions worthy for your home.

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DAIKIN ENVi series is a highly intelligent system with innovative features.

2-area intelligent eye

The two-area intelligent eye sensor controls comfort in two ways. If the room is empty for 20 minutes, it changes the set point to start saving energy. As soon as someone enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting. The intelligent eye also direct air flow away from people in the room to avoid cold draughts.

3D air flow

To ensure a  harmonised temperature throughout the room, the Daikin ENVi Series 3D air flow system combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing creating and even distribution of air throughout the room to the corners of even large space.

Titanium Apatile Photocatalytic Air-Purifying Filter

Photocatalytic air purifying is a deodorising and antibacterial technology Daikin was the first to apply this advance to the air-purifying filters used in air conditioners. Daikin’s success has led manufacturers in various industries to adopt the technology for antibacterial products.

Tiatnium apatile is an advanced photocatalytic material with great adsorption power. While a filter’s micron-level fibres trap dust, titanium apatite effectively absorbs and decomposes bacterial.

The photocatalyst is activated simply by exposure to light. The filter delivers consistent performance for approximately three years if it is washed with water once every six months.

Comfortable Airflow

Power air flow dual flap. Double flaps can flatten out during cooling operation to deliver powerful cool air to the corner of a room.Vertical auto-swing automatically moves the flaps up & down to distribute air across the room.Comfort Airflow Mode. The flap moves upward during cooling operation, to prevents uncomfortable draft from blowing directly on the body.

Comfort Control

Auto Fan Speed. Microprocessor automatic controls fan speed to adjust temperatures to the set temperature.Intelligent eye automatic controls air controller operation according to human movement in the room.Dry Funtion. The microprocessor works to eliminate humidity while maintaining the most consistent temperature possible. It automatically controls the temperature and fan speed.

Lifestyle Convenience

Inverter Powerful Operation. This function boosts cooling performance for 20 minutes. Its best when you want to quickly change the room temperature.Indoor Unit On/Off Switch conveniently switch On/Off by hand if the wireless remote controller is misplaced or its batteries are not charged.IBuild In Wireless Lan for mobile controllerRemote Controller with Backlight allow easy operation in the dark.


Wipe Clean Flat Panel can be cleaned with only a single pass of a cloth across the smooth surface. The flat panel can also be easily removed for more through cleaningTitanium Apatile Deodorizing Filter absorbs and decomposes bacteria.


Weekly Timer allow four actions to be programmed for each day of the week. It is possible to schedule not only the on and off times but also the desired temperature during this period.Count up down on/off timer start and stop times can be set with the touch of a single button and preset for a period of one to 12 in one hour increments. When the Off time is set. Night set mode is activated automatically24H On Off Timer can start or stop the air conditioner within a 24 hour period. It can be preset in 10 minute steps by pressing the On/Off timer button on the wireless remote controller. The On Timer and Off Timer can be used in combination.Night Set Mode prevents execessive cooling for pleasant sleep. After 60 minute, the room temperature is raised by 0.5 C

Worry Free

Auto Restart The air conditioner memories the setting for operation mode, airflow, temperature, etc and automatically returns to them when power is restored.Self Diagnosis with digital display. Malfuntion codes are shown on the digital display panel of the wireless remote controller for fast and easy maintenance.

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With more then 90 years of experience Since its inception, Daikin is renowned as the true creator in global air conditioning industry through relestless innovation in technology and product design. Countinuing its legacy as the leader in air conditioning. Daikin remains commited to refining next generation of cooling solutions and taking the air conditioning beyond its previous limitation. COOLSERVE Air-Condition Engineering is pround to be authorised dealer of DAIKIN since 2004 [caption id="attachment_3354" align="alignnone" width="268"]Daikin aircon Dealer Daikin Authorized Dealer[/caption]
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