System 3

3 indoor unit connected to 1 outdoor unit


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  • DAIKIN System 3 MKS50TVMG

    From: $1,190.00

    Daikin Ismile series 5 tick Excellent comfort with inverter technology

    Stylish & Compact

    Designed with your needs in mind to solve space constraints as well as to complement your interior layout.

    Build In wirless lan adpter

    More conveniences with DAIKIN mobile controller.


    Comfortable Airflow

    Power air flow dual flap. Double flaps can flatten out during cooling operation to deliver powerful cool air to the corner of a room.Wide-angle louvers is effective provide wide airflow.Vertical auto-swing automatically moves the flaps up & down to distribute air across the room.Horizontal auto-swing automatically moves the louvers to the left and right to cover a room with cool air.3D airflow circulate cool air right to the corners of large spaces by combins vertical and horizontal auto swingComfort Airflow Mode. The flap moves upward during cooling operation, to prevents uncomfortable draft from blowing directly on the body.

    Comfort Control

    Auto Fan Speed. Microprocessor automatic controls fan speed to adjust temperatures to the set temperature.Indoor Unit Quiet Operation. Sound level can be decressed from the low setting fan speed using the wireless remote controllerOutdoor Unit Quiet Operation. outdoor unit sound level can be decressed from the rated operation sound using the wireless remote controller.Intelligent eye automatic controls air controller operation according to human movement in the room.Dry Funtion. The microprocessor works to eliminate humidity while maintaining the most consistent temperature possible. It automatically controls the temperature and fan speed.

    Lifestyle Convenience

    Inverter Powerful Operation. This function boosts cooling performance for 20 minutes. Its best when you want to quickly change the room temperature.Priority Room Setting assign preferential room as the priority room for the inverter control Econo Mode Limits maximum power consumption by improving operation efficiency.Indoor Unit On/Off Switch conveniently switch On/Off by hand if the wireless remote controller is misplaced or its batteries are not charged.Build In Wireless Lan for mobile controllerRemote Controller with Backlight allow easy operation in the dark.


    Mold Proof Air Filter is impregnated with mold prventive. The substance stops any growth Dust Collection Filter (PM 2.5)Wipe Clean Flat Panel can be cleaned with only a single pass of a cloth across the smooth surface. The flat panel can also be easily removed for more through cleaningRemovable Drain Pan helps to reduce the cleaning times and ensure a perfect cleans.Titanium Apatile Deodorizing Filter absorbs and decomposes bacteria.


    Weekly Timer allow four actions to be programmed for each day of the week. It is possible to schedule not only the on and off times but also the desired temperature during this period.Count up down on/off timer start and stop times can be set with the touch of a single button and preset for a period of one to 12 in one hour increments. When the Off time is set. Night set mode is activated automatically24H On Off Timer can start or stop the air conditioner within a 24 hour period. It can be preset in 10 minute steps by pressing the On/Off timer button on the wireless remote controller. The On Timer and Off Timer can be used in combination.Night Set Mode prevents execessive cooling for pleasant sleep. After 60 minute, the room temperature is raised by 0.5 C

    Worry Free

    Auto Restart The air conditioner memories the setting for operation mode, airflow, temperature, etc and automatically returns to them when power is restored.Self Diagnosis with digital display. Malfuntion codes are shown on the digital display panel of the wireless remote controller for fast and easy maintenance.


    DAIKIN System 3 MKS50TVMG

    From: $1,190.00
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  • Mitsubishi Electric System 3 MXY-3G28VA

    From: $1,400.00

    Mitsubishi Electric MXY-3G28VA2 system 3 condenser unit.

    Total capacity of all indoor unit must not exceed 17.2kw

    Our Inverter Technology adjusts cooling capacity in response to conditions such as the difference between the outside and inside air temperatures, allowing our air conditioners to run more efficiently and reduce energy cost.

    You can mix and match units to build a customized air conditioning system that is just right for your home.

    5 Tick Energy Label R410A Easy Clean catechin filter anti allergy

    Anti Rust New LEV DC Inverter PAM Control 19db Catechin Filter Easy Clean Econo Cool I feel Auto Mode

    MXY-3G28VA3G28VA side

    Mitsubishi Electric System 3 MXY-3G28VA

    From: $1,400.00
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  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 3 SCM60YT-S

    From: $1,060.00

    High Effieciency

    Consideration for Environment

    Several radical design changes and engineering developments have brought about a vast improvement in energy and environmental protection.

    DC PAM inverter

    An inverter driven system has a number of performance advantage over constant speed system. For example its variable compressor outputs can ensure quick cooling after startup and attain a set temperature more quickly. The air conditioner can then slow down the compressor speed to save energy. Keeping comfortable conditions. Moreover, the compressor is DC driven, so it provides higher performance.

    SCM60YT-SSCM60YT-S energy Label

    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 3 SCM60YT-S

    From: $1,060.00
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