VIDA Cool by Fermax allows you to control your Mitsubishi Electric Aircon through the Smart Control Module wherever you may be.

Never have to worry about forgetting to turn off your air conditioner after leaving your premises. You can always turn off on the go and check its status in real time.

Or perhaps you are halfway home and you want your room to be cool by the time you arrive. You can turn it on ahead of time either from Vida Cool App or through time scheduling.

With VIDA Cool, comfort and convenience is just a click away.

* Internet connection is required.

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  • On/Off
  • Set Modes: Cool, Dry, Fan
  • Temperature, Fan Speed, Swing adjustment
  • Monitor Status  (On/Off/Fan/Temperature/etc.)
  • Time Scheduling
  • Control Multiple Air-Conditioners



Your Life, Our Technology – The Comfort Connection

As everyone knows, nothing compares to the comfort that nature has to provide. However, thanks to its many technical refinements, Mitsubishi Electric’s air conditioners bring you closer to this ideal. Improved EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) levels significantly reduce energy consumption while extremely quiet operation and the use of the Eco-friendly refrigerant allow our series to create a naturally serene environment in every room of the house.

Technology and quality make the difference.
To create a better product that is friendly to both you and the environment, Mitsubishi Electric now utilises a new type of refrigerant called R410A. With an ozone depletion potential factor of zero, exceptionally non-toxicity and chemically stable non inflammability, this refrigerant exemplifies the quality that our air conditioners have to offer.

COOLSERVE Air-Condition Engineering is pround to be authorised dealer of Mitsubishi Electric since 2000

Mitsubishi Electric Dealer

Mitsubishi Electric Dealer

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