Chemical service

Chemical service or overhaul is to dismatle a parts and have the coil treated with chemical to lossen all dirt and remove.


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  • Chemical Service


    If your air con has been working for years without proper maintenance, then its time for you to have your  air conditioner equipment to go for a chemical service or others might call it an overhaul cleaning.

    What do you get for Chemical Service

    1. Dismantle evaporator unit for chemical cleaning
    2. Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil
    3. Cleaning of condensate drain pan
    4. Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
    5. Cleaning of blower wheel and blade
    6. Checking of all electrical component
    7. Checking of all setting
    8. Lubricating of all moving parts
    9. Re-installation of evaporator unit
    10. Checking of refrigerant system


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    Chemical Service

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